Construction & Critical Infrastructure

We provide relevant, forward-looking intelligence on political and violent risks to large-scale infrastructure projects.
Our suite of tailored and subscription services help construction companies to identify and allocate risks throughout the project lifecycle, including security, criminal, political, regulatory and contract risks.
Our construction sector experts understand the changing nature of the industry and draw upon years of experience to provide cost-effective solutions that are proven to work.Our in-depth understanding of the strategic and licensing context of projects enables construction companies to better assess project risk. We can identify, prevent and mitigate potential delays and disruptions before or during project execution and subsequent operations.

Our services include:
  • Risk identification and monitoring
  • International risk evaluations
  • Disaster Prevention and Relief Planning
  • Intelligence and Advisory 
  • Threat Assessments / Site Reviews and Surveys
  • Damage Assessment
  • Total File structure, print to Investment
  • All major aspects and Taylor made requests